Devastating news - well at least for me

Remember this beauty?
I really want to wear it for this years festival together with my children in matching outfits. 

This week I have some sparetime and wanted to fix and redo it.  
I wore it last three years ago and two children earlier. Today I put on my 18th century stays and I got that really bad feeling...

And really - it does not fit anymore 😭

So I have to change my time setting and concentrate on the clothes of my children first. Maybe I can loose some weight and fit into my dress easier. Though I am not sure if my figure didn't change that much after two pregnancies?

So back to shift sewing. 

I still have to post the picture of the HSM#1. And I have to change the HSM schedule at least for me. Altering the dress would have been the perfect task for february...

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