HSM# 1 - Procrastination

Well, I know, I´m more than late. I almost finished this project in January. But somehow I lost motivation. Was lazy for months. I thought I will give up this years HSM participation and try again next year. But then I got my motivation back and now I´m trying to finish the missing projects.
I know this project should have been finished in January. But since I put so much work into it I still want to share it with you.

The Challenge: Procrastination

Material: linen fabric, wool thread for the embroidery, cotton thread for sewing

Pattern:from golden scissors (Larkin & Smith)

Year:18th century

Notions: first embroidery project for me

How historically accurate is it?: I kept close to the instruction. I would say 80 %. Don´t know if         I                                                   used the right stitching and techniques.

Hours to complete: too many. started back in 2014

First worn: not yet

Total cost: about 45$