Hanami 2016 #1

We wanted to do Hanami this year again. But the sunday we wanted to do it was very cold and so we srayed inside and did Hanami in our living room.

First part of our Bento Box
String beans with soy sauce and sesame
Tomatoes and cucumber
And japanese potatoesalad

Second part of our Bento Box
Onigiri from plain rice
Onigiri made from sekihan
Fried chicken legs

We had japanese omelette and cake also, but it didn't fit into a bento box.

It was really delicious.
With the leftovers we had another Hanami the next day when the weather was fine.
Pictur s to follow.


HSM# 1 - Procrastination

Well, I know, I´m more than late. I almost finished this project in January. But somehow I lost motivation. Was lazy for months. I thought I will give up this years HSM participation and try again next year. But then I got my motivation back and now I´m trying to finish the missing projects.
I know this project should have been finished in January. But since I put so much work into it I still want to share it with you.

The Challenge: Procrastination

Material: linen fabric, wool thread for the embroidery, cotton thread for sewing

Pattern:from golden scissors (Larkin & Smith)

Year:18th century

Notions: first embroidery project for me

How historically accurate is it?: I kept close to the instruction. I would say 80 %. Don´t know if         I                                                   used the right stitching and techniques.

Hours to complete: too many. started back in 2014

First worn: not yet

Total cost: about 45$