The historical sew monthly 2016

I didn't sew for such a long time now. And I really would love too. I really miss it. But with my child and my household I'm really busy. And my child needs a lot of attention so I can't sew during the daytime, because my little troublemaker would want to eat my fixing pins and other equipment. (O_O)
So only the evenings are left. And most time of them I think 'I could do so much things now - ah no I'm so tired, let's turn the television on....'

But that has to change now. I want to take part in a special task:

The historical sew monthly 2016

I already have some ideas. A lot of projects in mind and a lot of projects that I didn't finish yet.
So no excuses anymore.
I think since this is the first time I am participating I will do more small projects and accessories like gloves, hats, etc. Things I will need to give a good finish to my ensembles.

I still have to make a detailed plan so I don't get to much in pressure of time.

Any motivation is welcome.

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