A first glimpse

Ein Erster Einblick auf das kommende Januar-Projekt des Historical Sew Monthly.
Etwas das schon seit über eineinhalb Jahren seiner Fertigstellung harrt.

Nachdem das Event für das ich es eigentlich benutzen wollte verstrichen war, hatte ich nie die Motivation es fertig zu machen. Momentan arbeite ich mehrere Stunden täglich daran. Ich hoffe es bis Ende Januar fertig zu bekommen. 

A first glimpse of my January Project for the HSM. 
Something that hasn't been finished for one and a half years now.

I never had the motivation to finish it. But now I'm working several hours a day. I hope to get it finished until the end of January.


The historical sew monthly 2016

I didn't sew for such a long time now. And I really would love too. I really miss it. But with my child and my household I'm really busy. And my child needs a lot of attention so I can't sew during the daytime, because my little troublemaker would want to eat my fixing pins and other equipment. (O_O)
So only the evenings are left. And most time of them I think 'I could do so much things now - ah no I'm so tired, let's turn the television on....'

But that has to change now. I want to take part in a special task:

The historical sew monthly 2016

I already have some ideas. A lot of projects in mind and a lot of projects that I didn't finish yet.
So no excuses anymore.
I think since this is the first time I am participating I will do more small projects and accessories like gloves, hats, etc. Things I will need to give a good finish to my ensembles.

I still have to make a detailed plan so I don't get to much in pressure of time.

Any motivation is welcome.


Kimono sale

I'm selling parts of my kimono collection on ebay:

The description is in german, but I am willing to give an english translation and ship internationaly if someone is interested. Just pm me through ebay.