Hit des Sommers

Was gibts diese Tage besseres als eine kleine Erfrischung?
Wie wäre es mit einer Wassermelonenlimonade?
Zitronensaft, Crushed ice, stilles Wasser, Zucker und Wassermelonensirup.


Minion tic tacs

A cute thing I found yesterday:
Minion tic tac with banana taste.
The tic tac are yellow and even have three different faces.

If you don't have seen the movie yet go watch it.


Blueberry Muffins/ Blaubeermuffins

I made muffins with blueberry today. I used a recipe from 'The Magnolia Bakery Cookbook' that I purchased during our Trip to New York back in 2013. I always had trouble to get the amounts of the ingredients right because I am not used to the cup measuring in.recipes and I didn't have cups that make it easy. Friends of me brought Cups from their Trip to New York recently. So I could start now.
They became really delicious and not that sweet as I expected.