Happy Donazz

I think almost everyone knows about Doughnuts/ Donuts.

I first learned about them through the TV Series 'The Simpsons' when I was a child.
The first Doughnuts I tried in Germany were ok, but not outstanding.

Some years ago the triumphal procession of'Dunkin Donuts' began in Germany. They first had shops in the big towns. I knew shops in Berlin and Düsseldorf. I found them on my journeys through the country. Later smaller towns like Nuremberg also got a shop.
I loved Dunkin Donuts. 

But on my trip to Dresden in the mid of November I stumbled across an unknown shop.
They had a small market stand in a shopping mall.
It was called Happy Donazz. 

They had really nice creations of Doughnuts. I had to try them. They were delicious. I have to confess they were better than Doughnuts from Dunkin Donuts. (My personal opinion) 

I noticed that they have several shops in Germany. 
You may visit their website:

Today I had the chance to visit another shop of Happy Donazz.
My husband and I bought a box with 4 filled and 4 unfilled Doughnuts.

My Doughnuts
Chocomel - Doughnut filled with toffee, toffeechocolate and toffeeflakes
Homers Doughnut - strawberrychocolate and coloured sugarsprinkles
American Crystal Cinnamon - Crystalsugar and Cinnamon
Baked Apple - Doughnut filled with apple-cinnamon-buttermilk-rumaroma with white chocolate and applejam

My husbands Doughnuts
Mandelino - white chokolade and almond slices
White Snow - white chokolade and Kokosrasper
Cookies & Cream - buttermilkfilling, white chocolate and Oreocookies
Happy Vanilli - vanillacreamfilling, dark chokolade, white chokoladesprinkles


The days before Christmas

It's that Time of the year - Advent season. Only a few days until christmas. Everyone is in search for the last presents. Almost everyone is in a rush.

We have been to our first christmas market this year. We went to the next big town. It has been Simons very first christmas market also. But he slept all the time. ;-)
Unfortunately it has been raining and was very cold. So after a while on the market we went to the next Starbucks coffeeshop and had a Gingerbread Latte. I had mine with whipped cream and cinnamon on top.


It's the best drink Starbucks offers during Christmas season and I am Happy about this drink every year!