Miyamairi Kimono

I bought this beautiful Miyamairi Kimono about two months ago on Ichiroya. I was just looking through their homepage and the newly listed articles as I came across this beauty. It was a bargain and since I was expecting a boy I really couldn't resist it.
Surely it has some stains, etc but that's ok for me and I only want to use this kimono for display.
My boys first kimono ^ ^

Quote from Wikipedia:

Miyamairi (宮参り, literally "shrine visit") is a traditional Shinto rite of passage in Japan for newborns. Approximately one month after birth (31 days for boys and 33 days for girls,[1]) parents and grandparents bring the child to a Shinto shrine, to express gratitude to the deities for the birth of a baby and have a shrine priest pray for his or her health and happiness. The practice is not dissimilar to a Christian infant baptism.

Normally a Miyamairi kimono is not worn but tied over the baby. You can browse the net for pictures.

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