Miyamairi Kimono

I bought this beautiful Miyamairi Kimono about two months ago on Ichiroya. I was just looking through their homepage and the newly listed articles as I came across this beauty. It was a bargain and since I was expecting a boy I really couldn't resist it.
Surely it has some stains, etc but that's ok for me and I only want to use this kimono for display.
My boys first kimono ^ ^

Quote from Wikipedia:

Miyamairi (宮参り, literally "shrine visit") is a traditional Shinto rite of passage in Japan for newborns. Approximately one month after birth (31 days for boys and 33 days for girls,[1]) parents and grandparents bring the child to a Shinto shrine, to express gratitude to the deities for the birth of a baby and have a shrine priest pray for his or her health and happiness. The practice is not dissimilar to a Christian infant baptism.

Normally a Miyamairi kimono is not worn but tied over the baby. You can browse the net for pictures.


Happy Birthday

Let me introduce you to our son

Simon Josef
He was born on 05.10.2014 at 12:36

I wanted to give birth at home so I stayed at home with my midwife.
Unfortunately my uterine contractions were not long enough so I had to finish the birth at hospital. But everything went fine and I gave birth to our first child. A healthy son.

We are very proud :-)