My new beauty

Sometimes life goes it's own way.

After the loss of my beautiful golden Darari Maiko Obi two years ago (actually it has been 'stolen') I was on the search for a new one.
And everyone who collects things Maiko/Geiko related -Hikizuri, Kanzashi, etc- knows how crazy prices for them became the last years.

I bought my Darari five years ago for the price of 300€ which was a bargain. The Obi was in almost perfect condition. 
I made the mistake and 'borrowed' it to someone living in Japan who actually cheated me with a very good story and didn't give it back until now.

So I am still angry with myself that I didn't take care enough.

I am/ was on the search for a new Darari since then.
Today I found a wounderful piece on Ichiroya that will go perfectly with my blue Ro Dragonfly Maiko Hikizuri.

It was listed as a Maikos Ro Maru Obi possibly worn by a Maiko.
The length is perfect - over 6m long - so maybe the real deal or switched from a normal fukuro to a Maru Obi for a henshin studio. Considering the 'bad' condition I think this might actually have been used in a henshin studio for some time.

I'm not sure with the kamon/ crest on the obi. I know this crest existed in Kyoto sometime but don't know if it is still used today by an okiya.

Real deal or not - I'm more than happy that this piece will find it's way to my home soon. It will help heal my wound a little bit.
I almost gave up searching for a Darari. It's almost impossible to find one nowadays. And if you find one the prices are ridiculous high.

This beauty was affordable and not already sold. As it would have been waiting just for me.
So sometimes life goes it's own way.

I will combine it with my Ro Maiko Haneri I also bought on Ichiroya some time ago.

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