Souvenirs from Japan Part 1 - Things for the Baby

We used our trip to Japan to do some shopping, because buying directly in Japan is way cheaper than have it shipped and pay for toll, etc.

Japan is the best country to buy really kawaii (cute) things. For me as a girl it is sometimes really difficult not to buy every item with rabbits, cats or something like that on it.

So this time I often thought 'I really don't need it - but it would be cute for the baby' 

So I got some of the things I couldn't resist buying.

Here's an overview of the nice things we got:

From the Ghibli Museum in Mitaka:

Small towels with Totoro on them.

And with Jiji from 'Kikis Delivery Service':

And again from 'Kikis Delivery Service' a small plush cat that I will put on the baby buggy:

From another shop in Tokyo:

A napkin with Totoro and a baby rattle:

From a shop in Beppu - Panda socks:

And from the same shop some wounderful quilted fabrics:

In Takayama I bought a childrens yukata:
I thought a blue one would be fine for either boy or girl and it has beautiful dragonflys on it.
Unfortunately I think it won't fit the baby next summer....
The Yukata was about 1000¥ cheaper in Takayama than in Kyoto.

And a nice mobile made of chirimen fabric - found in Kyoto:


Baby Kimono

The parcel with the last souvenirs we bought in Japan finally arrived at our home.

Nice things like a Mirror in Miyako Odori design, Adzuki Bean Paste small toys for our child and a sewing pattern were inside.

In a big shop in Beppu I found this wounderful pattern for a babys 'kimono'. 

It's called Ronpers Jinbei.
The description is completely in Japanese, but I think I can do it only with the pattern and without a description.

I'm 29 weeks pregnant now and will soon be on maternity leave. 

I will start work then.
Pictures of it will be posted after the birth of the baby because it's still a secret if it will be a boy or a girl ;-)