Miyako Odori

Maiko Mikako-san and Geiko Mao-san

On April 28th we visited the Miyako Odori.

We got the first class tickets including Tea Ceremony right before the Odori.
On this day Geiko Mao-san and Maiko Mikako-san did the Tea Ceremony.

Mikako-san brought the tea to one or two costumers.

We sat in the second row and could watch her closely.
Her kimono was amazing.
She was already wearing a wisteris kanzashi since the blooming of the cherry trees was already over and wisteria already in bloom in kyoto.

And notice her white collar!
She's still a very new Maiko and looks already very senior.
But she is still wearing the wareshinobu hairstyle.

Somehow the whole Ceremony felt like a mass event.
You had to eat and drink fast, the servants almost urging you to leave soon.

And I felt a bit sorry for the Maiko and Geiko being photographed like animals in a zoo.
Ok I took pictures too so I have to feel guilty too.

The. Odori itself was wounderful.
We had amazing places near the hanamichi (flower stages) on the side where the Maiko and Geiko enter at the beginning in their beautiful blue kimono.
I had tears in my eyes because it was such am emotional moment for me to see them dance that close. To see the Miyako Odori after all those years of following the girls careers on the internet.

I knew most of the names, but not all.

We've seen Mamehiro, Koai, Sayaka, Satsuki, Sonoe....

I can't remember all of them now.

I really enjoyed the performance!

If you ever have the chance to visit Kyoto in April be sure not to miss the Miyako Odori!

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