Impressions Of New York

Nothing to blog about recently, so I thought I post some pictures of our trip to New York in December.



The Perfect Fabric

Finally I did it!

I bought the perfect fabric fabric for my robe anglaise.

Made my order on renaissancefabric.

I bought green/cream striped silk taffeta and cream taffeta.

And some ribbons and buttons.

Unfortunately the shipping fee to europe was horribly expensive - 90$......

I have found a wounderful painting as an inspiration for my dress:

Unfortunately I forgot who made the painting.


Sewing again

After a long break I am sewing again.

I started with my chemise and tomorrow and the day after tomorrow we will work on my friends stays. 

Maxl is helping me now ;-) 

Happy new year everyone!

I'm sorry for the long absence!