Flea Market

I have been at the local flea market again, today. 
I have been searching for some old/ antique lace to use for our new garments.

The first thing I found was a japanese cookbook written in english. I got this nice book for only 1 €.
The book is from 1989 - so not the newest, but has some nice details, many pictures and tips how you can change the basic recipe.

I was searching for some affordable lace that can be used for a dress of the 18th century but didn't find something nice.
I already wanted to leave but had a look at some last booths.
And then I found some really nice lace. Maybe good for the neckline of a chemise.
1.45 m long at one part sewn together and
2.75 m long 

They have to survive the washing machine now - they are a bit yellow and smelly.

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  1. Hello! This is Mayuko. Thank you so much for the parcel you sent me. I never expected to hear from you. I am very happy that you remember me. Did you read my E-mail??