Cupcakery Regensburg

shop entrance
We had been to Regensburg on a hot July day this year and went sightseeing a little bit.

Per accident we found a cute little store which was only selling cupcakes. I have never seen a store in Germany where only cupcakes are sold. We were there on sunday and it was closed, so we had to come back on Monday.

I just had to. I really wondered what it would look like from the inside and how the cupcakes tasted.

So we came back on Monday and walked in. The shop was huge! And they were only selling cupcakes at the front desk. The rest of the room was sitting space with really nicely decorated walls - painted with different motivs.

We ordered two cupcakes and sat down. I had a lemon cupcakes that was really tasty. I don´t remember the flavour of the cupcake of my boyfriend anymore.

They were quite small. The cupcakes I make at home are huge compared to them. Maybe my cupcakes are not the real deal.

The owner of the shop learned how to make cupcakes in the USA. You can even order them or take a big box full of cupcakes with you.

They have a homepage too:
Cupcakery Regensburg

If you are ever to Regensburg and have some time - go there. It´s worth the visit!

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