An Afternoons Work #2

My friend and I had the second 'sewing afternoon' yesterday. We started with her 18th century attire this week.

We made the chemise first. It is a one size pattern. We didn't alterate it. Maybe we should have. It's huuuge!

I know an 18th century chemise is bigger than an early 19th centurys, but it's really very big. 
Maybe I will make mine a bit smaller. 
We used a linen fabric that is mixed with some synthetic fibers. 
The real linen they had in the shop was of an unusable quality. Very big threads and very stiff. 
So I purchased my linen again from neheleniapatterns, though they didn't had the pure white linen in stock currently but only some off-white linen. But it matches perfectly with the lace I am going to use. And it is the finest linen I have ever bought.

We almost got the chemise of my friend ready on the first afternoon. We will shorten the sleeves when we know the exact length of the sleeves of her dress and attach the lace.

On the second afternoon yesterday we started with the project I feared the most. The stays. I never made stays before (well the regency stays almost can't be named stays)

The instruction that came with the pattern of the stays is very minimalistic. You have to know how to change such a garment when using this pattern. I don't know. So I read some informations on the internet. The best I found was on www.marquise.de

We decided to give the pattern a try as it is, though it will be too small at the waist - and then make changes if necessary. 

We started with the mockup yesterday.
Made of some old tight woven cotton. 
We sewed the boning chanels by machine completely. So we have to bone it now and my friend has to wear it then.

I will keep you updated on the progress.

My order arrived on friday too.
I ordered some patterns for gloves, a mantelet , a muff and a sewing package for a bag. Things I will make if I have the time.

And some broidery anglaise fabric for my friends dress.


I finally finally found the perfect perfect perfect fabric for my robe anglaise!
I'm so happy!

I have to order it now.
Maybe you know the site renaissancefabrics.

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