1813 - 2013 Two Hundred Years Battle Of The Nations

This weekend my boyfriend, my family and I have been on an extraordinary event in Leipzig.

This year is the 200th anniversary of the battle of the nations which took place around Leipzig.

So there was this special 'event' for which we ordered tickets already last year.
Over 6000 Reenactors from all over Europe in historical garments showing how the battles were fought back then. Really interesting and the details of the uniforms of the soldiers were amazing. 

On saturday was a demonstration of the farmers and daily life back in 1813 which we watched near the village Liebertwolkwitz. There was also a demonstation of weapons too.

And on sunday was the demonstration of the Battle Of The Nations, or how it could have looked like.

I didn't finish my boyfriends empire attire for this years WGT in May so I wanted it to be finished now.

I started late again and was under pressure of time - again. 

The last days I spent with working and sewing - way more than sleeping. So now I am pretty exhausted. But somehow I managed to get the tailcoat ready on the last minute though I had to improvise. I didn't line the sleeves and omited the cuffs. And unfortunately it didn't fit like I thought it would. So I think before next years festival I will take it apart, fit and resew it again.

I managed to alterate the sleeves of my silk ball gown. I didn't like the voluminous shape they had and am more happy with the way they look like now. The dress looks more like the antique dresses now, I think.

List of our garments:

For my dress:
Silk dress

For my boyfriend:
Poem shirt

Some things were completely handsewn, some half hand - half machine, and most - unfortunately- sewn by machine.

I started with a spencer for me but didn't finish it in time. Maybe for next years festival too.

Some clothes are now in the laundry. Maybe I will take pictures of each piece and post them here.

So next week a close friend and I are going to start with the chemise and stays for our dresses for the ball in March. I don't want to be under such a time pressure like I have been the last week (^_-)

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