Cakes For A Wedding

A co-worker had her wedding this weekend and asked me to make her some cakes for the party.

I happily agreed.

I wanted to make a cake with fudge again. I bought beautiful butterly cutters some time ago and wanted to use them. I wanted to make a festive cake and not to fancy this time.

So I decided - for the first time- not to colour the base fudge of the cake.
I used pink butterlys - put some glimmer on them and placed them on the cake.
To hide the edge I used ribbon. An inspiration I got from pictures on the net.

I made some cupcakes too.
The following cupcakes I made for the second time.
The dough is with apples and shaved almonds.
The cream is cooked with lavender and coloured with beetroot.
Decoration is real lavender.

Cupcakes with lavender cream

The following cupcakes were a first try. My co-worker selected them from my cupcakes book. She wanted to have them at their wedding.
Since it was not the season for red currants here anymore I had to search for them in the supermakets. Luckily I still got some.
So one day before the wedding I made the cakes. Unfortunately I didn´t get the recipe right - or maybe it was a strange one - at least that´s what was my impression.
So I hade to make them a day later again. I used a quite simple recipe for the dough with butter, eggs and sugar and added some lime paring into it to give it a similar taste as the original dough.
The cream was really a lot of work. It was made of cream cheese, cream, lime juice, lime paring, coconut milk, sugar powder and mashedd red currants.
It was a lot of work but somehow I managed to get ready on the last minute ;-)
The cakes were tasty.

Cupcakes with red currant cream

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