We tried some shaved Ice last week and put Grenadine sirup over it and sweetened condensed milk like we have seen it on the japenese festival in Munich some years ago. As far as I know this kind of ice is called Kakigori.

Since I have seen a lot of really interesting different kinds of "Kakigori" last year in Japan (wanted to try one but the prices were high - about 8-10 €) I wanted to give it a try at home now. So we picked this recipe
at www.nekobento.com 

It was really delicious and not that difficult to make. We only made the riceflourballs smaller than in the recipe to give it a nice appearance.

If you like Anko and Matcha you should give it a try too.

Sorry for the bad picture.


May I introduce you

The new member of our family.

Max, or Maxl as we call him.

A fifteen week old male cat.

A friend of mine got a mothercat per 'accident' who got four little kittens. But since she already has two cats beside the mother she can't keep all of them.

So we decided to give one of the four kittens a new home.

He is integrating now into our home and feels already very well but our other two cats don't. 

Our cats are both about ten years old and have difficulties to accept him. The cat does better than the male cat who is hiding on top of the  the cupboard for two and a half days now.

Hope he will be better soon.