Refreshing Green Tea

A perfect way to stay cool on hot summer days is to enjoy cold green tea. 

I love drinking it in the summertime for some years now.

Usually I make a huge amount of Tea with normal sencha, using hot water.
Let cool down, put it in the refrigerator and cool for some hours or overnight.
Then enjoy pure or with ice cubes

You can brew it a little bit longer then you would usually do with normal green tea. I prefer it only brewed for a short time. Maybe one to one and a half minutes.

What I learned now - after years of drinking it.  ( ̄▽ ̄)  you can brew only the half of the amount of water with the green tea. And then fill up with the remaining water (cold). So it will cool down faster.

With my last J-List order I got the new green tea that is already packed into small bags and can be used with cold and hot water. I decided to give it a try with cold water - the reason why I bought it.
It works very good. One teabag is enough for one litre of water. 
And you can even use the teabag a second time.

The same day I tried the new tea I  made cold green tea the way I usually do.

I wanted to have a good comparison between both.

I noticed that there is not much difference between them. The new one in bags gives a nicer green colour and keeps that colour longer. The sencha green tea tends to darken from green to brown with time.

Currently I prefer the newly bought one because it is easier and quicker made and I can use cold water.

On the left the ready packed tea and on the right my 'sencha tea' 

There is not much difference in taste.

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