Summer Picnic 2013

I am working quite a lot lately and really needed some time to relax.
I decided to use my day off today to have a nice summer picnic with my boyfriend.

I used almost the same food as for the summer picnic last year. Really wanted to make some sweets with strawberrys too - Yuki Ichigo - but was to lazy to do it. Maybe soon.

I used my Mushiki for Bento Box again.

Inside were Watermelon and Strawberrys.
Tomato and cucumber and Mini Hamburger.
And I tried potatosalad sandwiches for the first time. They were really delicious. I think I will try this japanese style potato salad again soon using another recipe I have at home.

Here are the books I used:
Kawai Bento Boxes


  1. Wonderful photos!
    Your Bento is really nice! It is appetizing^^

    Your summer picnic seems very enjoyable(^_^)/

  2. Thank you very much for your nice comment ^v^

    Yes, we had a good time with good food ^v^