Nihon Buyo

I had my very first dance lessons in Munich this weekend on saturday and sunday.
It was an offer of the Munich Adult Education Centre (MVHS) and takes place about twice a year.

I stayed the whole weekend in Munich and used the opportunity to go shopping etc.

Travelling to Munich was not that easy this time. The trains didn't keep to the plan because of the heavy floodings in Germany (and Central Europe).
So my friend and I had both difficulties to arrive in time, but somehow we managed it ;-)

I choose my blue and white Yukata for saturday and tried to wear it a little bit Maiko Style with Nagoya Obi and Tabi.

On sunday I wore my synthetic Ro Komon Kimono with the same obi as on saturday.

We learned a small part of Sakura Sakura and a small part of the piece Tenaraiko which was written in the 18th century

I never tried japanese dance before so the kind of movements were quiet new to me and it was difficult  for me to coordinate the hand and feet movements AND to remember the movements in the right order. (°_°)

Another difficulty was to dance to the music correctly.

At some points I thought I never get it. But I really liked it and hope I can take lessons again in about six months.

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