J-Box order

Those of you who buy regularly  items from japan via the internet might know J-Box/ J-List.

I've ordered the second time there two or three weeks ago and the parcel arrived yesterday.
Unfortunately they ran out of the items that I really wanted - Matcha Oreo cookies and a beautiful Totoro Firework Noren for summer.

But the other items are really great too!

Fit´s chewing gums
I wanted to have a Katori Buta (right name?) since my visit to Japan last year. Can't await to use it ^v^
Hope we will have some warm days this summer again.

The Pig with matching incense stick
The Jiji baby rattle only found it's way to our home because it's really cute. We don't need it already ;-)

Baby Rattle
The green tea can be made hot and cool. I want to try this one on hot summer days aswell.

I never tried roasted green tea Hojicha before so I want to try this one too. And I have an interesting recipe for a cake with Hojicha which I want to make too.

Since viewing a video on youtube from cooking with dog I wanted to have one of those nice sandwich makers too. I think I already will try it tomorrow.

And I have my very first Totoro Bento box ^v^
Will be in use on monday too.

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