J-Box order

Those of you who buy regularly  items from japan via the internet might know J-Box/ J-List.

I've ordered the second time there two or three weeks ago and the parcel arrived yesterday.
Unfortunately they ran out of the items that I really wanted - Matcha Oreo cookies and a beautiful Totoro Firework Noren for summer.

But the other items are really great too!

Fit´s chewing gums
I wanted to have a Katori Buta (right name?) since my visit to Japan last year. Can't await to use it ^v^
Hope we will have some warm days this summer again.

The Pig with matching incense stick
The Jiji baby rattle only found it's way to our home because it's really cute. We don't need it already ;-)

Baby Rattle
The green tea can be made hot and cool. I want to try this one on hot summer days aswell.

I never tried roasted green tea Hojicha before so I want to try this one too. And I have an interesting recipe for a cake with Hojicha which I want to make too.

Since viewing a video on youtube from cooking with dog I wanted to have one of those nice sandwich makers too. I think I already will try it tomorrow.

And I have my very first Totoro Bento box ^v^
Will be in use on monday too.


Japanese Crepe

Today I used the recipe for strawberry icecream from nekobento.com.


But I used fresh strawberrys instead of frozen ones, so it took a while longer until it was ready, but it was really delicious.

Then I tried the recipe for the 'japanese crepe' they had on their homepage. Really an interesting recipe. You should give it a try too ^v^


Sorry for the bad picture quality.


Summer Picnic 2013

I am working quite a lot lately and really needed some time to relax.
I decided to use my day off today to have a nice summer picnic with my boyfriend.

I used almost the same food as for the summer picnic last year. Really wanted to make some sweets with strawberrys too - Yuki Ichigo - but was to lazy to do it. Maybe soon.

I used my Mushiki for Bento Box again.

Inside were Watermelon and Strawberrys.
Tomato and cucumber and Mini Hamburger.
And I tried potatosalad sandwiches for the first time. They were really delicious. I think I will try this japanese style potato salad again soon using another recipe I have at home.

Here are the books I used:
Kawai Bento Boxes


Cakes ^v^

I had visitors for tea last week and made some cakes.

Two cakes I had never made before.

One cake with strawberrys and vanilla cream. The dough has not been baked but was made of cookies and butter and then cooled.

One cake with raspberrys and rhubarb and meringue on top.

And the strawberry cupcakes with Matcha I have already made before.

And I tried a wounderful brownie recipe from my book Tanoshii but didnt take a picture.


Historical flood in Germany

You may have heard of the heavy floodings in Germany and Central Europe or seen the horrible pictures.

People in Bavaria, Saxony and Saxony-Anhalt have literally lost everything they had and need our help!

If you would like to help too, you could do here for example:


Or you could search the internet for more informations.

Thank you everyone!

Picture copyright by Augsburger Allgemeine Zeitung! 


Nihon Buyo

I had my very first dance lessons in Munich this weekend on saturday and sunday.
It was an offer of the Munich Adult Education Centre (MVHS) and takes place about twice a year.

I stayed the whole weekend in Munich and used the opportunity to go shopping etc.

Travelling to Munich was not that easy this time. The trains didn't keep to the plan because of the heavy floodings in Germany (and Central Europe).
So my friend and I had both difficulties to arrive in time, but somehow we managed it ;-)

I choose my blue and white Yukata for saturday and tried to wear it a little bit Maiko Style with Nagoya Obi and Tabi.

On sunday I wore my synthetic Ro Komon Kimono with the same obi as on saturday.

We learned a small part of Sakura Sakura and a small part of the piece Tenaraiko which was written in the 18th century

I never tried japanese dance before so the kind of movements were quiet new to me and it was difficult  for me to coordinate the hand and feet movements AND to remember the movements in the right order. (°_°)

Another difficulty was to dance to the music correctly.

At some points I thought I never get it. But I really liked it and hope I can take lessons again in about six months.


Yukata to be

I am going to sew my very first Yukata ^v^

I purchased a cheap yukata bolt from Ichiroya.

I never sewed a kimono before, but since I did a lot of handsewing for the napoleonic project lately I'm going to give it a try.

I think I will pimp it up with some glitter for the flowers and maybe a lapel made from lace ^v^


Red Maiko Hikizuri

Ichiroya posted two Maiko Hikizuri today. I really didn't want to buy one since I was on the lookout for a Maikos Darari. But couldn't resist it.
It's a red one with Temari. I suppose this could be a junior one because of the motives and the red colour which is usually only worn by younger Maiko. I will have to have a close look at the colour when it's here. And I am really happy that the inner 'lining' (Hyouku?) is still attached which is not the case with my other winter Maiko Hikizuri.

The other one they posted was a Minarai Hikizuri I suppose. I really had to resist the impulse to buy this one too.