Today we had our Hanami picnic.

A close friend and I made the food.
We had:
Korokke (japanese croquettes)
boiled broccoli
boiled Takenoko (bamboo)
Tofu with Misopaste
Sushi with carrot and cucumber (no fish inside)
Daifuku (bought in an asia shop)
and a new tea I bought recently at the asia shop - Sencha mixed with Matcha

We were four people. Two friends of me and my boyfriend.
But only one friend and I wore kimono. We dressed in a rush since we needed so much time for the food already.

I dressed my friend in my green Iromuji, which I think fits spring very well, and paired it with my red Heian lady obi. I quiet like the combination.

And I wore my beloved iceblue tsumugi with butterflys and my `new' Sakura obi which I have for over a year now, but never worn. The pattern is finely handstiched on the obi. My friend supposes it to be an obi from Taishe era, but I´m not sure. 

I know some people say you should not wear a kimono or obi with a pattern of the flowers currently in bloom, like the sakura was today. But on the other hand I have seen many pictures of Maiko and Geiko from Kyoto which do indeed wear kimono with sakura pattern - standing under a sakura tree in full bloom. So I don´t know what´s the right thing to do. But since Geiko and Maiko have a really good taste I don´t think they would wear something that´s not appropriate.

We had a good time during our picnic and even had our picture taken by some people. Most people were really nice, asking for a picture (and that´s totally ok for me if they make them only for private use), but some weren´t and didn´t ask.
One thing that I do then is to ignore the people photographing me. But I really don´t like it.
Maybe it has something to do with politeness - and I am afraid that my picture will be on facebook or elsewhere.

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