Flea Market Bargain

I have been at the local flea market yesterday, searching for some cheap drinking glasses and plates.

I want to have a nice picnic basket for the victorian picnic during the Wave Gotik Treffen in May. I thought about buying a complete basket including all necessary items (forks, spoons, knives, drinking glasses, etc) on ebay. But the basket which I wanted to have is very expensive. About 70€.
So I thought about buying the necessary items on the flea market.
I wanted to have a nice simple design, which can be used for about 1813. Not to modern.

I found nice drinking glasses (4 for 11 €) and plates from Hutschenreuther (5 for 3 €).
And nice small bowls (4 for 1 €) - which I am not going to use for the picnic ;-)

I really like the plates because they have a golden edge.

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