Childrens kimono

I recently bought some new pieces on Ichiroya. Can't stop buying there - I love this shop. I will spend my last penny there.

I bought a beautiful blue and white Yukata with Ukiyoe prints last week. Together with a new Ama Coat. Unfortunately I didn't save the pictures of it, so I have to wait until they arrive at home to show you.
On Monday last week I couldn't resist a beautiful Ro Juban withTateRo lines. TateRo is quiet rare.

And yesterday I bought a babys vest for ony 38$. No, I am not pregnant nor am I planing to get a child soon. These kind of clothes are normally realy expensive. (or I didn't pay attention to the prices enough)
And I hope that I will have a girl in the future so she can wear it. (though I want a girl so badly that I am almost sure that I will only have boys (^ー^)

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