Lots of cakes to show you today.

Last weekend we had some visitors and I needed to make some kind of cake. I dediced to try new cupcakes. These cupcakes were made with mandarins. There are mandarins inside the dough and on the topping. Topping was made of cream and curd. I made some kind of confetti out of the peel of the mandarins.
The cupcakes were really delicious.
And I tried to make some Macaroon. They became very small (the dough didn´t work like I wanted it) but tasted very good. They were made with a filling of butter, raspberrysirup and raspberrys.

Yesterday was the birthday of a close friend. Although it´s not yet the season for strawberrys in germany now, I really wanted to make her a japanese birthday cake. I tried a new receipe from the book Tanoshii. Normally I use this receipe:
The cake is still not perfect (I have to practice a lot) but it´s nicer than my try in december.

And finally the most time consuming project of this week. (took me about 8-10 hours until completely finished)
A special birthday cake for a 30th birthday party
The decoration had a special meaning for the `birhtday child`.
I used a chocolate cake. I filled and covered it with Ganache before using the fudge. It´s the first time that I made a figure out of fudge for a cake. So I think I could have done worse ;-)
(unfotunately the small details aren´t visible on this picture)


Summer Fukuro Obi

I bought a cheap Fukuro Obi on Ichiroya last week. It's an unusual pattern with 'tsuyu-shiba' (wet grass) , 'hagi'(Japanese bush clover) and singing insect in autumn motifs.
They said it's in a bad condition, but the pictures were not that bad. So I hope it is still wearable. I was happy to get a piece with such an unusual pattern. I hope it is possible to wear it in early autumn.


Childrens kimono

I recently bought some new pieces on Ichiroya. Can't stop buying there - I love this shop. I will spend my last penny there.

I bought a beautiful blue and white Yukata with Ukiyoe prints last week. Together with a new Ama Coat. Unfortunately I didn't save the pictures of it, so I have to wait until they arrive at home to show you.
On Monday last week I couldn't resist a beautiful Ro Juban withTateRo lines. TateRo is quiet rare.

And yesterday I bought a babys vest for ony 38$. No, I am not pregnant nor am I planing to get a child soon. These kind of clothes are normally realy expensive. (or I didn't pay attention to the prices enough)
And I hope that I will have a girl in the future so she can wear it. (though I want a girl so badly that I am almost sure that I will only have boys (^ー^)


Flea Market Bargain

I have been at the local flea market yesterday, searching for some cheap drinking glasses and plates.

I want to have a nice picnic basket for the victorian picnic during the Wave Gotik Treffen in May. I thought about buying a complete basket including all necessary items (forks, spoons, knives, drinking glasses, etc) on ebay. But the basket which I wanted to have is very expensive. About 70€.
So I thought about buying the necessary items on the flea market.
I wanted to have a nice simple design, which can be used for about 1813. Not to modern.

I found nice drinking glasses (4 for 11 €) and plates from Hutschenreuther (5 for 3 €).
And nice small bowls (4 for 1 €) - which I am not going to use for the picnic ;-)

I really like the plates because they have a golden edge.