Early 19th century chemise

Here's a picture of my handsewn chemise.
It's made of fine linen.

Today the recently ordered fabric arrived at my home and I hope I can start with the mens poet shirt on friday.
I ordered cotton batiste for the mens shirt, Musselin for the undergarment of my dress, horsehair to stiffen and a beautiful fabric for a mens vest. Don't know the name of the fabric, but it's beautiful. I have to upload a picture of it later.

And since I lost the post about the stays I put another picture of the stays here again.


Japanese Hamburger

I have been watching NHK-World a lot lately. I really like Itadakimasu - Dining with the chef.
They had Japanese style Hamburger some time ago.
I had a look on the homepage and got the receipe.

You can find the receipe here if you want to give it a try too:

The hamburgers were really easy to make and tasted like hamburgers we tried in Japan.

They were delicious!


日本語とすりばち / Japanese and Suribachi (⌒▽⌒)

Today- after an absence of two years- I had a japanese lesson again. I think I really missed it. I first stopped my lessons because I was very busy with my work. But after travelling to Japan for the first time last year I think it is better to know more japanese for the next journey.
I hope I manage to learn some Kanji this time.

And today our order from www.japanwelt.de arrived. We ordered two japanese lamps for our apartment and I ordered a Suribachi too.
For those who don't know what a Suribachi is:
It is a japanese kind of a mortar. The inside where you use the pestle is not smooth but corrugated. You can use it for sesame seeds for example. It is used in the japanese

I will post pictures of my sewing progress this days. I finished two garments already and now have to order new fabric to continue.


Chocolate Gâteau

Haven't been posting lately, since I am busy with sewing for my new project. More information and pictures will follow soon. (after I have finished the first garment)

I wrote about the book Tanoshii that I bought recently. Today I tried the first receipe.
Chocolate Gâteau. A wounderful chocolate cake and not to difficult.

The book is from a japanese pastry chef and combines french influences with japanese baking style.