The celts arrived

You may have noticed my previous entries about our reenactment of the ancient celts.
We (a close friend and I) are very interested in almost all aspects of the life of the ancient celts.
We have visited some museum in the past in Germany and Austria already.

There has been an article in our newspaper about one and a half years ago which said that they are saving and examining a new found celtic tomb (almost untouched) near Stuttart. There was one single picture with the article showing one of the beautiful gold pearls they found.

As I am always happy to hear nice news concerning almost every new archaeological finding, I was really happy about these good news.
And I was even more happy to read that there would be a big exhibition in 2012 in Stuttgart about the celts. And they wanted to show some of the findings from the new found tomb.

To cut a long story short - today we visited the exhibition in Stuttgart.
The exhibiotion lasts until the 17th february.

It was simple breathtaking! Almost all important findings are shown there.
And Gold Gold Gold!!!
You would have to visit about twenty museum to see them all. Here you can see them concentrated at one place!
If you are interested in archaeology, our past, treasures or just extraordiary things be sure not to miss it!!!

Here's the official homepage:

It's in english and french too.

And some funny movies they made as advertisememt for the exhibition:

I bought a book at the museums shop about reenactement for celts and a necklace imitating coral.

And we visited a small japanese shop called Itsumi.
I spent way to much money again ^v^

I bought ready made Mochi (i really want to try the zensai soup), Beer, mustard for Tonkatsu, Tonkatsu sauce, Panko, Ramen, sweet potatoe, Sencha, Kinako and Taiyaki.
There will be a lot of japanese food at our home the next time (>_<)

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