'Nara' Dinner and Obento

Yesterday I made our dinner like the one we had during our stay in Nara.

We had Tonkatsu with rice and cabbage. Udon with sauce (I had to improvise since I didn't know what kind of sauce we had in Nara - I made Mentsuyu) Spring Onion and green tea. I didn't make the tsukemono we had in Nara. (was some kind of cooked kombu/ seaweed - or at least that's what I thought it is)

It was delicious ^v^

Today I filled my new Bento Box with the leftovers from yesterday and put some broccoli and sweet potatoe dumplings inside too.

I know it's too much green colour in one part of the box but I used what I had left in the refrigerator.

And it was the second time that I tried to make the sweet potatoe dumplings. I learned that they cannot be made with each kind of sweet poatoe. For the first try I used the 'orange' ones that are shaped more 'round'. I cooked and mashed them and put them in shape in a plastic wrap but they disn't stay in form. maybe I cooked too long or they don't have enough starch. I know there are huge differences between 'normal' potatoes so why not the same with sweet potatoes?

For the second try I bought sweet potatoes from a japanese shop. They sold the 'long' ones which have kind of a purple peel (right word here?)

They worked perfectly \(^-^)/

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