3000 Clicks - Ohkini!

3001 clicks on my blog today. \(^_^)/

Thank you very much dear readers!

I started my blog just for fun and thought it would be more like an online diary
for me.
I never thought so many people would read my posts.

Dozo Yoroshuu Otano mo shimasu!!

Since our visit of the bakery Iimori in Frankfurt some weeks ago I really want to make japanese cakes. Not the traditional 'japanese' ones, but the Japanese inspired western style cakes.

And - what a nice surprise- there was a new book on thalia and amazon that was released two days ago with name Tanoshii.


I don't know if this is the right book for me. Well, I will see.

Here you can see the cakes I tried at bakery Iimori.
This is the kind of cakes I would love to make.

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