'Nara' Dinner and Obento

Yesterday I made our dinner like the one we had during our stay in Nara.

We had Tonkatsu with rice and cabbage. Udon with sauce (I had to improvise since I didn't know what kind of sauce we had in Nara - I made Mentsuyu) Spring Onion and green tea. I didn't make the tsukemono we had in Nara. (was some kind of cooked kombu/ seaweed - or at least that's what I thought it is)

It was delicious ^v^

Today I filled my new Bento Box with the leftovers from yesterday and put some broccoli and sweet potatoe dumplings inside too.

I know it's too much green colour in one part of the box but I used what I had left in the refrigerator.

And it was the second time that I tried to make the sweet potatoe dumplings. I learned that they cannot be made with each kind of sweet poatoe. For the first try I used the 'orange' ones that are shaped more 'round'. I cooked and mashed them and put them in shape in a plastic wrap but they disn't stay in form. maybe I cooked too long or they don't have enough starch. I know there are huge differences between 'normal' potatoes so why not the same with sweet potatoes?

For the second try I bought sweet potatoes from a japanese shop. They sold the 'long' ones which have kind of a purple peel (right word here?)

They worked perfectly \(^-^)/


Our Dinner

Yesterday my boyfriend made our dinner ^v^

Soba with Broccoli and Nori.
And worlds best beer. Augustiner from Munich.

Oishi deshita!!!


3000 Clicks - Ohkini!

3001 clicks on my blog today. \(^_^)/

Thank you very much dear readers!

I started my blog just for fun and thought it would be more like an online diary
for me.
I never thought so many people would read my posts.

Dozo Yoroshuu Otano mo shimasu!!

Since our visit of the bakery Iimori in Frankfurt some weeks ago I really want to make japanese cakes. Not the traditional 'japanese' ones, but the Japanese inspired western style cakes.

And - what a nice surprise- there was a new book on thalia and amazon that was released two days ago with name Tanoshii.


I don't know if this is the right book for me. Well, I will see.

Here you can see the cakes I tried at bakery Iimori.
This is the kind of cakes I would love to make.


The celts arrived

You may have noticed my previous entries about our reenactment of the ancient celts.
We (a close friend and I) are very interested in almost all aspects of the life of the ancient celts.
We have visited some museum in the past in Germany and Austria already.

There has been an article in our newspaper about one and a half years ago which said that they are saving and examining a new found celtic tomb (almost untouched) near Stuttart. There was one single picture with the article showing one of the beautiful gold pearls they found.

As I am always happy to hear nice news concerning almost every new archaeological finding, I was really happy about these good news.
And I was even more happy to read that there would be a big exhibition in 2012 in Stuttgart about the celts. And they wanted to show some of the findings from the new found tomb.

To cut a long story short - today we visited the exhibition in Stuttgart.
The exhibiotion lasts until the 17th february.

It was simple breathtaking! Almost all important findings are shown there.
And Gold Gold Gold!!!
You would have to visit about twenty museum to see them all. Here you can see them concentrated at one place!
If you are interested in archaeology, our past, treasures or just extraordiary things be sure not to miss it!!!

Here's the official homepage:

It's in english and french too.

And some funny movies they made as advertisememt for the exhibition:

I bought a book at the museums shop about reenactement for celts and a necklace imitating coral.

And we visited a small japanese shop called Itsumi.
I spent way to much money again ^v^

I bought ready made Mochi (i really want to try the zensai soup), Beer, mustard for Tonkatsu, Tonkatsu sauce, Panko, Ramen, sweet potatoe, Sencha, Kinako and Taiyaki.
There will be a lot of japanese food at our home the next time (>_<)


Peach Cream Daifuku

Yesterday I tried the sweets that I got one day earlier from the pen pal of my friend (see previous post).

As mentioned they were peach cream daifuku.
I only knew Daifuku with red bean paste until then. I never tried Daifuku with another filling.

So these Daifuku were really something new for me.
And I have to say they were really delicious!

Oishi deshita!

I made some Genmaicha (green tea with roasted rice) too. It's my new favourite tea.


A nice surprise

Today a small package from Japan arrived at my home.

It was from the pen pal of my friend.
She visited Germany in December 2011 and I had the luck to meet her.

Inside the package was a beautiful card with snow and Maiko in a jinrikisha and a box with peach cream daifuku (3>_<3)

I will post a picture when I open the box with the daifuku.

Update on my Kagamimochi:

Unfortunately the Kagamimochi went off so I cannot do the Kagami Biraki this weekend and make Zenzai soup.


Japanese Food - Ramen and Yokan

Today I made Ramen for the very first time.

I always wanted to make Ramen but didn't give this recipe a try because I always thought it's very time consuming.

I had to make Chashu first (cooked pork) which I did one day earlier.

The remaining recipe was not that difficult anymore.

I wanted to make Miso Ramen with butter but forgot the butter ^v^

And I made my first steps in the 'Wagashi' direction and made some sweet with the red bean paste Koshian.

The sweet I made is called Yokan and was quiet simple.
Yust red bean paste, water, salt and Agar.

Maybe I will make some easy Wagashi in the future.



Kagamimochi by Haruyuri
Kagamimochi, a photo by Haruyuri on Flickr.

Über Flickr:
So this is my very first try of Kagamimochi. It´s a typical new years `decoration`in Japan. It´s made of steamed Mochi rice. As far as I know it is made around new years day and kept until the second weekend of January. When the Mochi is dried it will broken in a ceremony called Kagami Biraki. And then it will be eaten as ingredient in a soup for example.

In Japan they traditionally use a Daidai on top of the Mochi. But since I can´t buy one here in Germany I used a mandarin.

In the background of the picture you can see my new years Maiko Kanzashi which was once property of Mi No Yae Okiya of Kyoto.


クリスマスケーキ Japanese Christmas Cake

I really wanted to make a japanese christmas cake again for this christmas but didn't have the time.
So I decided to make it the weekend after christmas instead.
I bought fresh strawberrys imported from Egypt (Normally I do not buy any fruits that off-seasonal - I feel guilty now) and started with the cake.

I used the recipe from www.nekobento.com

Somehow everything went wrong ;-)
The base looked shrived and I didn't get it out of the cake pan nicely.
Then I didn't pay attention for a moment and one of our cats tried the cake (T_T)

I decided not to throw it away but cut the part off where the cat has eaten.

And I really can't work with cream. The cake looks horrible in it's own way but anyway it was really tasty and that's - in my opinion - the most important part of a cake.

I think I will give this kind of cake a try for one or two birthday cakes this year.
I have seen very similar cakes during our trip to japan last year. They are really expensive- about 2600 ¥ for one.


Happy new year

Happy new year everyone!

I hope you had a good time celebrating.

Today a picture of our travel to Japan 'last' year.

We visited the Meiji Shrine which is an important Shrine during the new year festivities in Japan.
During the first three to five days of the new year millions of people visit the shrine.

While we have been there it was pretty empty. I have been told this is a rare sight at Meiji Shrine.