Impression of Gion

Impression of Gion by Haruyuri
Impression of Gion, a photo by Haruyuri on Flickr.

Über Flickr:
A small street in Gion Kobu at night.
Somehow I like Miyagawacho more than Gion because it's not that big and there aren't as many tourists as in Gion. But even Gion Kobu has nice small quiet streets.
I followed the advice of a well known Photographer and avoided Hanamikoji - dori as much as possible.
We were rewarded with a beautiful atmosphere in the side streets and could even see some geiko saying goodbye to their customers.

Merry Christmas everyone!


News Of The Hanamachi Collection

You may remember the wounderful blue Dragonfly Maiko Susohiki which I bought from Ichiroya and the pictures I linked with Makino wearing it.

Today ewoodham from flickr showed me a picture which she took of Maiko Mahiro wearing exactly the same Susohiki.
She kindly allowed me to show you the picture here.
I didn't even remember that I commented on her picture when she posted it on flickr in 2009, noticing how beautiful this kimono is.
If someone would have told me back then, that I would own this kimono in near future, I wouldn't have believed it.

Former Maiko Mahiro-san / picture taken by ewoodham. Copyright by ewoodham. Please don´t use this picture without permission.

Yesterday Ichiroya listed some new Maiko/ Geiko related items. I was looking for a new Darari Obi since mine got lost in space.... Long story.
But they were listing something even more rare instead.
Maiko Han- Juban and Geiko Juban.
Since they are almost never sold and were so cheap I couldn't resist and buy them imediately, no matter how much stains they had.

Yesterday I bought something that was sold as Maiko's Han-Juban. (half Juban) My first impression was, that this is the Hadajuban Part which is worn under the Nagajuban. But now I'm not so sure what it is exactly anymore. Since the Hadajuban of the Maiko that I have seen have short red sleeves more like a T-Shirt instead. And I wasn't sure about the length either. Maybe it is a Hadajuban for winter season? Or even a geiko's? Or it is a Juban for Maiko's everyday kimono which have longer sleeves than the normal kimono too, but aren't Furisode.
Maybe we'll figure it out when it arrives here.

The second thing I bought yesterday was a Geiko's Juban (which until now I have never seen for sale) which is - unlike a normal Juban - made of two parts. A 'blouse' - the Han- Juban, and a 'skirt' -the Sosoyouke.

It has maple leaves and fits every season except summer. I really wanted the summer one but this was sold already.

And today they listed another Geiko's Juban in pink with BAD stains. But I really wanted to have a pink one too. Maybe I can handwash it if it looks too bad in reality.


What you can do in kimono- decorate a cake

Über Flickr:
We made a training course how to decorate a cake with fudge during our stay in hamburg two weeks ago. We choose to make it in kimono since we met some other kimono addicted ladys later and didn't have time to change clothes.

We tried different sorts of japanese tea later at the Hamburger Teespeicher.