Ups I did it again

Unfortunately Ichiroya has listed many original Maiko items lately...

Bad for my purse....

As far as I know they were property of Mi - No - Yae Okiya.

I bought these kanzashi:

A big single flower for senior Maiko for January

A complete set for Junior Maiko for March

A complete set for Junior Maiko for December

Now I'm waiting for these beauties to arrive at my home. Maybe I can figure out who they belonged too, since Ichiroya said the Maikos named are written on the boxes.

And two days ago Ichiroya listed some Maiko Hikizuri from Mi - No - Yae. Some of them were worn by Maiko Makino.

I bought the blue dragonfly Hikizuri. Fortunately there are some pictures where Makino is wearing it ^v^


Now I'm broke ;-)

I hope I will finish my travel diary the next weeks. I'm sorry, I was lazy.

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