Impression of Miyagawacho

Small street in Miyagawacho by Haruyuri
Small street in Miyagawacho, a photo by Haruyuri on Flickr.

Evening Impression from the Geiko / Geisha quarter Miyagawacho in Kyoto.

During our Stay in Kyoto we spent the evenings walking around the different geisha quarters. It was difficult to get good pictures without flashlight (I did not want to use flashlight because I would have felt like an intruder). But some of the pictures captured the atmosphere quiet well.


... and again

Ichiroya posted an original Maiko's Eri today. Since I don't own one until now, I wanted to have one of these beauties. They are really difficult to get.


Ups I did it again

Unfortunately Ichiroya has listed many original Maiko items lately...

Bad for my purse....

As far as I know they were property of Mi - No - Yae Okiya.

I bought these kanzashi:

A big single flower for senior Maiko for January

A complete set for Junior Maiko for March

A complete set for Junior Maiko for December

Now I'm waiting for these beauties to arrive at my home. Maybe I can figure out who they belonged too, since Ichiroya said the Maikos named are written on the boxes.

And two days ago Ichiroya listed some Maiko Hikizuri from Mi - No - Yae. Some of them were worn by Maiko Makino.

I bought the blue dragonfly Hikizuri. Fortunately there are some pictures where Makino is wearing it ^v^


Now I'm broke ;-)

I hope I will finish my travel diary the next weeks. I'm sorry, I was lazy.