Fushimi Inari and Fukukimi-san

We changed our hotel after three days and moved to a hotel near the main station were we stayed another three nights.

Inside the Main Station we saw a group of Maiko and Geiko of Pontocho. They were Shinaju, Hisasuzu and Ichifuku and two other women which I didn't recognize. Maybe Okasan. they were all wearing normal kimono.
After searching for it for a while we found it, left our luggage there and went to see Fushimi Inari Shrine.

We took the big route over the hill and needed about two hours. It was hot, but the many Tori and trees gave some shadows.
There were many moskitos around. I wouldn't go there with short trousers again ;-)

Later we were dining at Mos Burger - a japanese fast food restaurant. I will write a review of the food I tried during my trip when I have finished my travel diary here.

After dining at Mos Burger we walked back to our hotel and took the route via Miyagawacho. It was about half past ten p.m.
And this time I was brave enough to ask a Maiko-san for a picture.
Fukukimi-san came up to us very slowly, so I dared to ask her. She stopped, posed for me and as I thanked her, she thanked me too with an 'Ohkini' and continued her way.
I was in heaven! She was so cute and friendly, I surely will never forget this moment.

We continued our way as we saw a group of Maiko and geiko parting.

Kimika-san came our way and I greeted her with her name and asked for a picture too. She was so friendly and let me take her picture too. ^v^
(which i'm not going to post here, since the lighting is bad)
She had a really perplexed look on her face as I greeted her with her name ^v^

Maiko and Geiko- san we have seen this day:

1 Maiko that I didn't recognize
Miyoharu ?
2 Maiko in a taxi

All without formal attire. (some of them in the morning as we left our hotel)

Fukue (with a spectacular dragonfly kanzashi)
1 Maiko which I didn't recognize.

All in full attire

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