Day 3 / Administrative District/ Emperors Palace Garden and Aki Basho

Yesterday we woke up late, so we missed the chance to see the Rush hour in the Tokyo Subway :-(

So in the 'morning' we went to the emperors palace garden again. We only took some pictures of the outside since it was heavily raining and we didn't have very much time. I wouldn't have thought that everything is so big there. The walls were surely ten meters high.

Nijubashi and Big Gate
Afterwards we had a short walk to the administrative region and took a picture of the legislative building.

Legislative Building Tokio

Impression of a Tokio Park

Soon we took the train to the Ryōgoku Kokugikan where the Aki Basho took place.
Aki Basho is the big Sumo Tournament in Autumn which takes place in Tokyo. We had seats very far away from the middle, but could see everything. It was very interesting to see it in Real Life.

On our way to the Ryogoku Kokugikan
Entrance of the Sumotori
Tomorrow following Nara.

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