Day 2

Yesterday we went to theTokio SkyTree, which was opened in May 2012 and is the second highest building in the world.
Until then we had only used the subway run by the JR Lines which we can use free with our Rail Pass. But for SkyTree we had to take another subway, so we had to buy a ticket at the ticket counter. There are many different lines from different companys and our first try failed. ;-) We bought at the wrong ticketcounter.
Finally we made it right and arrived the SkyTree. It's an impressing building. There were many people visiting and we hade to wait in a long row to get our tickets, but everything was well coordinated and we waited about half an hour to get our tickets. They were a bit pricey though. 2000¥ for one ticket to the first platform and if you wanted up to the top another 1000¥ per person. But I would say it was very worth the money. The panoramic view was fantastic. Unfortunately it was a bit misty so we couldn't see Mt.Fuji.

Tokio SkyTree

Later we visited the Meiji-Jingu, the Meiji Shrine which is dedicated to Emperor Meiji and his wife Empress Shoken. The shrine was destroyed 1945 and rebuilt 1958. It is frequented by many people around the new years celebrations, but as we visited late in the afternoon almost no people were there. The atmosphere was magical.

The big Tori at the entrance
Inside the Shrine

In the evening we made a short trip to the garden of the emperors palace but soon returned to Akihabara since it became dark early (18:00).

In Akihabara we went through the streets with the electronic and Manga/Anime shops. We only spent about two hours there but you could spend days just watching. We also have seen some Maids in the streets advertising for the Maid Cafes.
You could really spend a lot of money there, but I resisted ;-) Saving money for Kyoto.
Electric Town Akihabara

Some Maids advertising  for their Cafe

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