Making Aquaintence with Durer/ Bekanntschaft machen mit Dürer

There's currently a very popular exhibition at the german national museum in Nuremberg about the early years of Albrecht Durer. It is the biggest exhibition about Durer since 40 years with pictures on rental from the big museum of the world, such as London, New York and Vienna. It will last until the 2nd of September. And although there are crowds of people visiting, you really should not miss it if you have the opportunity to go.
We visited it today with high expectations and didn't get disappointed. It took us three and a half hours ( really, we didn't even notice that time flew so fast) to watch everything, read the most and listen to the audio guide. It was very informative.

The pictures were just spectacular and beautiful!!!

We visited the exhibition early in the morning, right after the museum opened it's doors. If you plan to go too, it's advisable to be there as early as possible. Otherwise you might have to wait about two hours to get inside.


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