Part 3/ Teil 3

Heute habe ich meine Cupcakes fertig gemacht. Dazu habe ich meinen fertigen Rollfondant dünn ausgerollt und Kreise in der Größe meiner Cupcakes ausgestochen. Nochmals Sirup als Unterlage auf die Cupcakes gestrichen und dann den Fondant aufgebracht und glatt gestrichen. Später noch etwas Dekoration angebracht. Ich wollte den Fondant ursprünglich einfärben, hätte dies aber schon einen Tag früher machen müssen, also haben sie nur die Basisfarbe ;-)

Today I finished my cupcakes.
I used thin fudge cut in the size of the cakes. As a base over the Ganache I brushed syrup again and then added the fudge and smoothened it. I added Decoration later.
I wanted to use coloured fudge, but I should have coloured it one day earlier, so it only got the base colour.

Teil 2/ Part 2

Heute habe ich mich an den zweiten Teil meiner Fondantcupcakes gewagt.
Erst mal Cupcakes backen:

Dann mit Sirup einstreichen. Etwas warten.
(Auf dem Foto sind sie bereits mit Sirup bepinselt)

Today I continued my fudge-cupcake-experiment.

First I made cupcakes.
Then I brushed syrup over them. Wait a little bit.

Dann habe ich die Ganache auf die abgekühlten Cupcakes aufgetragen und diese etwas anziehen lassen.
Danach habe ich mit der "heißen Messer Methode" die Cupcakes nochmals geglättet. Jetzt muss die Ganache bis morgen nochmal fest werden.

Then I put the Ganache ontop of the cooled Cupcakes and let it dry a little bit.
Afterwards I used the "hot knife method" which is descriped in my book to smooth the surface.
Now the Ganache has to harden until tomorrow.

Morgen kommt der letzte Teil - das Verzieren mit Fondant. Bin schon sehr gespannt.

Tomorrow follows the last part - decorating with fudge. I´m already very curious how it will turn out.



Heute habe ich erste Vorbereitungen für meine Cupcakes mit Fondant getroffen. Ich werde dieses Wochenende etwas üben.

Zuerst habe ich mich an die Ganache gewagt und gleich einmal die falsche Sahne gekauft. Ich hoffe es klappt trotzdem.
Ich habe heute schon angefangen, weil im Buch dazu geraten wurde und die Ganache eine Nacht ruhen soll.

Today I made some preparations for my cupcakes with fudge. I´m going to practice this weekend.

First I made the Ganache.  I bought the wrong cream. I hope it will work anyway.
I started today, since it was adviced in the book, that the Ganache should be made one day earlier.

Danach habe ich den Sirup hergestellt, der unter der Ganache direkt auf den Kuchen oder die Cupcakes aufgetragen wird. (Kann bei Cupcakes auch weggelassen werden.)

Der Sirup wurde aus Wasser und Aprikosenmarmelade gekocht. Ich habe noch etwas Grand Manier (Orangenlikör) hinzugefügt. Gibt dem ganzen einen sehr guten Geschmack.

After finishing the Ganache I made the sirup which is applied to the cake or cupcake before adding the Ganache. (it´s not absolutely necessary for cupcakes though)
It was cooked of water and apricotjam.

I added Grand Manier (orange liquer).
It gives a special taste.

Morgen geht es weiter :-)

I will continue tomorrow.


Mega Post

Today my entry will be a bigger one than usual.

First of all I´ve made a decision.
I will make my entrys bilingual in the future.Since I´m not a native speaker making big entrys with lots of description in english is very hard for me and I never know if it sounds silly.
So future posts will be first in German, than English. German posts will be more detailed in text. If you are interested in the whole description please contact me, or use google translator, thank you.
If it is ok for me and not to difficult I will still translate the whole text in the future.

Passion fruit Coconut  Cupcake

Vanilla Coffee Cupcake

I´ve been asked to make a cake for our church anniversary this year, so I decided to make cupcakes.
I made the Vanilla Coffee cupkaces again, which I had already tried this week. But I bought fresh raspberrys and added Bourbon vanilla sugar to the cream instead of normal vanilla sugar, to add some extra vanilla taste. And I changed the design of the cream. I think they are way more beautiful than the ones I´ve made before.

 The second ones were made of a simple dough with Coconut inside. Unfortunately they became rather `hard`. But the topping was great. It was made of mascarpone with real passion fruit. Delicious! If I will make the again I will change the dough and use butter instead of oil.

A new interest of me is to create cakes with fudge. I´ve seen so many of them around the internet that I decided to give it a try. First I bought a book with good instrucitions. I´m a complete beginner and I have to learn it from scratch. I choose this one:

Everything is clearly represented and very well explained.
Like advised in the book I will start with cupcakes with fudge first and will create a cake with fudge later.
I intend to make a yellow cake for my brothers birthday with a special design. This one will be a `try`for the cake I will create for my brothers wedding. I will NOT make the wedding cake *lol* But a cake for the cake buffet in the afternoon.

Today I tried a basic recipe for the dough. With lots of chocolate and cacao. It tastes good, but very `heavy`. We do not eat that kind of cake usually in germany. I think I will give the other recipes a try before creating the first cake.
Here´s the result:
Eule (Owl - the cat) had to had a close look
It´s not that beautiful. Just a try for the taste ;-)

And today arrived my package from Hamburg. During our visit to Hamburg four weeks ago we stumbled across a wounderful shop near the Alster. It sold everything concerning cakes. And the best: They´ve got an online shop. Here´s the adress: http://kdtorten.de/

So last weekend I made an order. My starter package for creating the special cake. It arrived today:

So now I can start :-)


Vanilla Coffee Cupcakes

Today I tried another recipe of my cupcake book. (Cupcakes from Christina Richon/ It's in German and a book of the GU kitchen guidebooks).
Cupcakes with Coffee and real vanilla.
Theres instant coffee inside the dough and the baked cupcake is soaked with a mixture of espresso, real vanilla and sugar. I used way less coffee to soak the cakes than adviced in the book. I i think it has been the right decision..


Food For Good Friday

Food For Good Friday by Haruyuri
Food For Good Friday, a photo by Haruyuri on Flickr.

Über Flickr:
Normally I don't like to eat fish, but I made an exception for Good Friday.
So I made Suhi with smoked salmon.
And Tofu with soy sauce and Green onions for side dish.