Quick Dinner

Quick Japanese Dinner today. Took me about 30-45 minutes.
Tonkatsu with rice (instead of cabbage)
Pickled Cucumber (from my last trip to Düsseldorf)
Miso Soup
Tofu with Miso dressing
Realy delicious!


OmG! I can´t believe I bought this *lol*

It´s a Geikos Hikizuri from pre WWII.
 It was on sale on Ichiroya and I really couldn´t resist it. I didn´t buy a Hikizuri for about three years now.
There are so many fans of Maiko/ Geiko related items out there now, that it is almost impossible to get a Hikizuri for an affordable price. This was an exception.
Unfortunately it has some prominent stains but I think it is still a beautiful piece!