Pimp My Dress

Yesterday I really wanted to do some handicraft work for some gothic dresses for this years festival.

The collar I sewed is completely made of used things, old necklaces and used fabric. Things I had at home.

It has been a first try. I think I will make more necklaces and  accessoires the next months.


Neko Dinner

We had something to celebrate yesterday.
For this occasion I made sekihan (glutinous rice with red beans) for the first time.

The rice has got an interesting flavour with the beans. Normally food/ mostly japanese sweets with red beans is sweet, but the rice isn´t.
I made some vegetables and cooked pork to go with it, but no soup. So it has been not a complete typical japanese meal.


Little Helper

Little Helper by Haruyuri
Little Helper, a photo by Haruyuri on Flickr.

After being lazy for some time (I wanted to start way earlier) I ordered the sewing pattern for my 18th century stays. (Stays have to be sewn first and the dress is fitted to the measures of the body wearing the stays) Today the package arrived and the cat and I had to have a close look at the sewing pattern.

The first things I have to do now is to take my exact measures and make a mockup.

I´m very nervous already. Never sewed such a difficult garment before.