November Blues

November in Germany is a grey month without rain.

I have to say I´m not very creative at the moment. I still didn´t start to work on my new project. I´m still reading lots of articles and information about the 18th century, the fabrics that can be used, the daily life, etc. It´s way more interesting and time consuming than I thought.
Any suggestions for a silk or cotton fabric for the dress are welcome, too.

I hope I can work on the dress during my holiday.

So since there aren´t any really interesting news I do only post a picture of our journey to the "Zugspitze" three weeks ago:


Starting again!

Starting again! by Haruyuri
Starting again!, a photo by Haruyuri on Flickr.

Über Flickr:
After finishing my last dress I needed a long break without my sewing machine, since the whole sewing process has been really exhausting.
But now I am full of energy and ready to start a new project.

So I did my first order on www.neheleniapatterns.com again.

Today I received the package with the patterns for the dress and the chemise after only 2 days. Ladys, this shop is FAST and trustworthy!

My dog Hexe (German for witch) had to had a look at the new things. ^v ^

I´m going to sew a Robe a L'Anglaise with matching stays and a chemise.

For this dress I´m going to order some historical matching shoes, too ;-)

I intend to wear the dress for next years WGT. Especially for the victorian picnic (if it is not going to rain on this day)

I still don´t know which kind of fabric I shall choose. Either some kind of printed cotton or striped silk. I´m still searching.