Munich Impressions

My boyfriend and I travelled to Munich the last saturday.
We spent most of the day walking around the city and go shopping.

I had to visit some japanese grocery stores. Like in Düsseldorf there are some good shops to buy japanese articles. A little bit more expensive than in Düsseldorf, but closer to my hometown.
I had searched for this shop for years:


I´ve been there once years ago and never found it again ;-)
They have many different kinds of miso.
And on saturday they even have some japanese bakery products. I ate curry pan. A really delicious bread roll with meat and curry.
And they had cooked satsuma imo/ sweet potatoe.  Really delicious too.

Near Marienplatz is one of only six Apple stores in Germany. My boyfriend wanted to visit it, so I accompanied him. Well, I really don´t like the whole hype about the apple products, since there are better products than the one apple sells. Apple is really good at marketing, that´s what attracts so many people I think.
The store was    c r o w d e d      to say the least.
There were about 40! members of staff who took care of the customers. It was crazy!
I have no clue how apple products are to use. I tried one of  the Ipad 2. Well, it´s way more easy to use than I had thought. My friend bought one as a christmas present for his parents.
We tested it at home the other day.
 Well - I have to say I´m in love now ;-)

Later we had a walk through the english garden (Englischer Garten) in the middle of Munich. We watched the surfers in the Eisbach (don´t know if there´s a word for it in english. I think it could be translated with ice stream/ rivulet. I think it got it´s name because it´s really cold even in the summer.)
And we visited the japanese tea house. It´s located on the outer corner of the english garden and has been a present in 1972 from Dr. Soshitsu Sen after the olympic games.
A big japanese festival is held there every july which is really worth a visit.
In autumn the momiji/ maple leaves around the teahouse are turning red and add a wonderful splash of colour.
Visitors can attend a japanese tea ceremony in the summer months:

In the evening we decided to go dining in a japanese restaurant I knew, where one can sit on real tatami mats. Unfortunately we didn´t get a  table, so we had to search for another. We ended up dining at a running sushi restaurant named Asaka. The food was really delicious and they had a big selection. You can eat there if you don´t really like fish too. The staff was very friendly too.

My favourite food this evening has been some kind of Manju with red bean paste - shaped like a rabbit. I really like everything with rabbits on it so I had to take a picture. Unfortunately the ears are almost invisible on the picture :-(

We completed the day with a visit at my favourite club in Munich - the Nerodome:  http://www.nerodom.de
It´s a gothic style disco where I have been sometimes during my time in Munich three years ago.

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