Japantag Düsseldorf

Taisho Furisode by Haruyuri
Taisho Furisode, a photo by Haruyuri on Flickr.

This is a picture of the pink Taisho Furisode I wore during the Japantag / japanese day in Düsseldorf on October 15th.

Düsseldorf has the biggest community of Japanese people living in Germany and one of the three biggest in Europe. About 8000 live and work inside and outside the town.

The Japantag is a very big event with about 700000 people visiting every year.

There are performances of the traditional arts as well as modern japanese popculture. Everything from Cosplayer to Kimono wearing people can be seen.
And in the evening there´s a big japanese firework over the river rhine.
It´s really worth a visit.

I´ve been there for the third time. And the third time in kimono. It´s a perfect opportunity to meet friends from all over germany, enjoy the atmosphere, go shopping and have a good time.

For this years outfit I borrowed the pink Taisho Furisode kimono of my friend. I combined it with a turquoise haneri, a blue Fukuro obi with golden bamboo pattern and purple obijime with a cat obidome. Since I didn´t have a matching juban I had to improvise. I sewed sleeves from a Karinui Juban (which is thought for a bridal kimono I think) to an old Juban of mine. The length was perfect, but the fabric wasn´t. Fabric of the Juban was too stiff, so they didn´t stay inside the kimonos sleeves most time and I really had to struggle with Juban and Kimonosleeves the whole day.

I never wore Furisode before and with the exception of the juban problem it has really been a nice experience.

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