Dear Summer, We Miss you...

So summer in Germany really does not deserve it`s name. 

It's raining almost every day. The temperatures are really low. Sometimes about 15°C. 

I really miss the warm weather, the opportunities to go swimming to walk barefoot and to relax in the sun. 

So I really enjoy every sunbeam I can get. 

These pictures were made during such few hours on my way home. 

To me thistles are a strong symbol for summer, even when it is cold.


  1. den sommer vermiss ich auch :(
    das nass-kalt-regen-herbst wetter macht irgendwie total fertig

  2. 15℃...It is enviable. It is 34℃ in Japan now!
    That thistle flower is beautiful.

  3. @ Christina: Dito. Einfach furchtbar. Und dabei hab ich mich so auf den Sommer gefreut. Der fällt dieses Jahr wohl aus.

    @ Kumiko: Thank you for your comment. Maybe we could exchange the temperatures with Japan? ;-) Summer is none in Germany, really. You would miss summer with this temperatures. Today it was really warm. (an exception for this summer) So I hope the nice weather will remain some days. So much rain is really depressing.