Celtic Woman

Celtic Woman by Haruyuri
Celtic Woman, a photo by Haruyuri on Flickr.

Über Flickr:
Portrait of me in front of the Manor House in the celtic village Gabreta. My friend and I spent four wounderful days in this village, living a little bit like the old celts.

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I´m wearing different objects on my belt. Talisman, knife, a little bag with objects for firemaking.

Brooches of bronze on my shoulders, and a necklace made of glaspearls.

And a headcloth to hide my very unceltic red hair ;-)


First Summer Kitsuke

First Summer Kitsuke by Haruyuri
First Summer Kitsuke, a photo by Haruyuri on Flickr.

So finally time to wear Ro Kimono. Since I´ve got more Ro Kimono than Awase or Hitoe, I want them to be worn. I took two friends of mine, dressed them in kimono and went out to a japanese restaurant.

I´m wearing a purple silk Ro Kimono from early Showa Period with long sleeves and a yellow obi, which I suppose is from Taisho or early Showa era.

My friends are wearing blue synthetic Ro Kimono.

So again I noticed, that I can dress other people in kimono very well, but fail in doing so on myself... ;-)