Well, christmas is already over by now.
I have to work again. The daily routine is back....

Sometimes thoughts can be depressing, destructive....

Got the feeling, that I currently am one big disappointment for my friends, relatives, co workers, etc...

Don't know why.

Well, there will be better days again.

I hope you feel better and enjoy your holidays!
Happy New Year everyone!


November Blues

November in Germany is a grey month without rain.

I have to say I´m not very creative at the moment. I still didn´t start to work on my new project. I´m still reading lots of articles and information about the 18th century, the fabrics that can be used, the daily life, etc. It´s way more interesting and time consuming than I thought.
Any suggestions for a silk or cotton fabric for the dress are welcome, too.

I hope I can work on the dress during my holiday.

So since there aren´t any really interesting news I do only post a picture of our journey to the "Zugspitze" three weeks ago:


Starting again!

Starting again! by Haruyuri
Starting again!, a photo by Haruyuri on Flickr.

Über Flickr:
After finishing my last dress I needed a long break without my sewing machine, since the whole sewing process has been really exhausting.
But now I am full of energy and ready to start a new project.

So I did my first order on www.neheleniapatterns.com again.

Today I received the package with the patterns for the dress and the chemise after only 2 days. Ladys, this shop is FAST and trustworthy!

My dog Hexe (German for witch) had to had a look at the new things. ^v ^

I´m going to sew a Robe a L'Anglaise with matching stays and a chemise.

For this dress I´m going to order some historical matching shoes, too ;-)

I intend to wear the dress for next years WGT. Especially for the victorian picnic (if it is not going to rain on this day)

I still don´t know which kind of fabric I shall choose. Either some kind of printed cotton or striped silk. I´m still searching.


Sakura Sakura

So I´ve spent some time on ebay.com. Sometimes it´s really bad for your pocket to spend time there...

This time I ended up with an impulsive buy at japanese antiques ebay shop.

Looking through all of the items I found one thing that I really wanted to have for a while now. An obi with sakura (cherry blossom) pattern on it.
Isn´t it simply beautiful?
Since shipping isn´t cheap at all, I bought three other items too.
Another obi with snowflakes on it. Another motiv that I always wanted to have on an kimono item.
A second obi makura - actually a longer one than the one I already have.
And a cord decorated with beads to hold the sleeves back while doing different things in kimono.



CIMG1468 by Haruyuri
CIMG1468, a photo by Haruyuri on Flickr.

A stone lantern at Eko House in Düsseldorf.

Another impression of our visit 2 weeks ago.


Obi Detail

Obi Detail by Haruyuri
Obi Detail, a photo by Haruyuri on Flickr.

Detail of the carp obi I borrowed from my friend. It´s her most beautiful obi and I´m very proud that she allowed me to wear it.
The carp and the waves are completely handstiched on the obi. And although the obi does have some visible wears it is still a very beautiful piece!

Polka Dot Kimono With Carp Obi

This is the kimono ensemble I wore during a german/ japanese concert at the eko house in Düsseldorf, the day before the japanese day.
The kimono is from pre WWII with red lining. This time I choose the silver grey carp nagoya obi of my friend to go with it.
I tried to wear my hair and makeup in a 20s style.
I´ve worn this kimono before, also with green hair, but different eri and obi/ obiage/ jime.


Munich Impressions

My boyfriend and I travelled to Munich the last saturday.
We spent most of the day walking around the city and go shopping.

I had to visit some japanese grocery stores. Like in Düsseldorf there are some good shops to buy japanese articles. A little bit more expensive than in Düsseldorf, but closer to my hometown.
I had searched for this shop for years:


I´ve been there once years ago and never found it again ;-)
They have many different kinds of miso.
And on saturday they even have some japanese bakery products. I ate curry pan. A really delicious bread roll with meat and curry.
And they had cooked satsuma imo/ sweet potatoe.  Really delicious too.

Near Marienplatz is one of only six Apple stores in Germany. My boyfriend wanted to visit it, so I accompanied him. Well, I really don´t like the whole hype about the apple products, since there are better products than the one apple sells. Apple is really good at marketing, that´s what attracts so many people I think.
The store was    c r o w d e d      to say the least.
There were about 40! members of staff who took care of the customers. It was crazy!
I have no clue how apple products are to use. I tried one of  the Ipad 2. Well, it´s way more easy to use than I had thought. My friend bought one as a christmas present for his parents.
We tested it at home the other day.
 Well - I have to say I´m in love now ;-)

Later we had a walk through the english garden (Englischer Garten) in the middle of Munich. We watched the surfers in the Eisbach (don´t know if there´s a word for it in english. I think it could be translated with ice stream/ rivulet. I think it got it´s name because it´s really cold even in the summer.)
And we visited the japanese tea house. It´s located on the outer corner of the english garden and has been a present in 1972 from Dr. Soshitsu Sen after the olympic games.
A big japanese festival is held there every july which is really worth a visit.
In autumn the momiji/ maple leaves around the teahouse are turning red and add a wonderful splash of colour.
Visitors can attend a japanese tea ceremony in the summer months:

In the evening we decided to go dining in a japanese restaurant I knew, where one can sit on real tatami mats. Unfortunately we didn´t get a  table, so we had to search for another. We ended up dining at a running sushi restaurant named Asaka. The food was really delicious and they had a big selection. You can eat there if you don´t really like fish too. The staff was very friendly too.

My favourite food this evening has been some kind of Manju with red bean paste - shaped like a rabbit. I really like everything with rabbits on it so I had to take a picture. Unfortunately the ears are almost invisible on the picture :-(

We completed the day with a visit at my favourite club in Munich - the Nerodome:  http://www.nerodom.de
It´s a gothic style disco where I have been sometimes during my time in Munich three years ago.


Momiji at Eko House

A picture of the beautiful Momiji /Maple leaves around the Eko House in Düsseldorf. Picture was taken on October 16th.
I´ve been there in spring once, but never in autumn. And I have to say, that the autumn foliage gives the japanese garden a very special touch.
I think it would be nice to visit the garden in every season of the year to watch the cherry blossoms and all the other flowers in bloom. I think snow would also be very nice to see.


Japantag Düsseldorf

Taisho Furisode by Haruyuri
Taisho Furisode, a photo by Haruyuri on Flickr.

This is a picture of the pink Taisho Furisode I wore during the Japantag / japanese day in Düsseldorf on October 15th.

Düsseldorf has the biggest community of Japanese people living in Germany and one of the three biggest in Europe. About 8000 live and work inside and outside the town.

The Japantag is a very big event with about 700000 people visiting every year.

There are performances of the traditional arts as well as modern japanese popculture. Everything from Cosplayer to Kimono wearing people can be seen.
And in the evening there´s a big japanese firework over the river rhine.
It´s really worth a visit.

I´ve been there for the third time. And the third time in kimono. It´s a perfect opportunity to meet friends from all over germany, enjoy the atmosphere, go shopping and have a good time.

For this years outfit I borrowed the pink Taisho Furisode kimono of my friend. I combined it with a turquoise haneri, a blue Fukuro obi with golden bamboo pattern and purple obijime with a cat obidome. Since I didn´t have a matching juban I had to improvise. I sewed sleeves from a Karinui Juban (which is thought for a bridal kimono I think) to an old Juban of mine. The length was perfect, but the fabric wasn´t. Fabric of the Juban was too stiff, so they didn´t stay inside the kimonos sleeves most time and I really had to struggle with Juban and Kimonosleeves the whole day.

I never wore Furisode before and with the exception of the juban problem it has really been a nice experience.


Birthday present

Geiko Kago by Haruyuri
Geiko Kago, a photo by Haruyuri on Flickr.

So here´s one of my birthday presents - a geiko kago. A bag in which a geiko carrys the things she needs when going to an appointment. I got this from a close friend and almost freaked out. I just love dragonflys!!!

And I love every kimono item related with summer/ summer motives.


Eisbrecher Fan Event

Eisbrecher is a well known Metal like/ German Rock Band in Germany.  It's one of my most favourite bands. I've seen several concerts of them already. Now they offer something special for their fans. A fan event including concert on Germans highest mountain - the Zugspitze.

Tickets are limited.
If you are interested too, you can order them here:

If you would like to listen to the music of this band you may want to visit their MySpace homepage:

I just ordered my tickets today and I am really excited already ^v^


Dear Summer, We Miss you...

So summer in Germany really does not deserve it`s name. 

It's raining almost every day. The temperatures are really low. Sometimes about 15°C. 

I really miss the warm weather, the opportunities to go swimming to walk barefoot and to relax in the sun. 

So I really enjoy every sunbeam I can get. 

These pictures were made during such few hours on my way home. 

To me thistles are a strong symbol for summer, even when it is cold.


Celtic Woman

Celtic Woman by Haruyuri
Celtic Woman, a photo by Haruyuri on Flickr.

Über Flickr:
Portrait of me in front of the Manor House in the celtic village Gabreta. My friend and I spent four wounderful days in this village, living a little bit like the old celts.

If you are interested in visiting too:

I´m wearing different objects on my belt. Talisman, knife, a little bag with objects for firemaking.

Brooches of bronze on my shoulders, and a necklace made of glaspearls.

And a headcloth to hide my very unceltic red hair ;-)


First Summer Kitsuke

First Summer Kitsuke by Haruyuri
First Summer Kitsuke, a photo by Haruyuri on Flickr.

So finally time to wear Ro Kimono. Since I´ve got more Ro Kimono than Awase or Hitoe, I want them to be worn. I took two friends of mine, dressed them in kimono and went out to a japanese restaurant.

I´m wearing a purple silk Ro Kimono from early Showa Period with long sleeves and a yellow obi, which I suppose is from Taisho or early Showa era.

My friends are wearing blue synthetic Ro Kimono.

So again I noticed, that I can dress other people in kimono very well, but fail in doing so on myself... ;-)


Back in time

Back in time by Haruyuri
Back in time, a photo by Haruyuri on Flickr.

Another shot of the dress I wore for this years Wave Gotik Treffen in Leipzig.

It has been so incredibly hot in this dress. I wonder how the ladys in the past have endured it...

More pictures to follow soon ;-)


Strawberry Heaven

Desserts made with strawberry.

Cupcakes with cream and strawberry
Dorayaki( japanese pancake) with green tea
custard and strawberry



Preview by Haruyuri
Preview, a photo by Haruyuri on Flickr.

A first glimpse of the dress I sewed for this years WGT (Wave Gotik Treffen).
I wore this dress for one day during the festival.
This picture has been taken at the cemetery beside the Völkerschlachtdenkmal.
The dress is dated around 1880. I made everything from the underwear to the hat on my own, except the corsett. There wasn´t enough time left to make the corsett on my own too, so I wore my old one.


pieplant cupcakes

pieplant cupcakes by Haruyuri
pieplant cupcakes, a photo by Haruyuri on Flickr.

These cupcakes were made with pieplant. The topping was made with woodruff syrup, cream cheese and butter.

The cupcakes were delicious.
Unfortunately I didn´t like the topping, so I used only a little.

The decoration is real sweet woodruff.

I made these cupcakes for the birthday party of my brother.

Flower Power

Flower Power by Haruyuri
Flower Power, a photo by Haruyuri on Flickr.
One of the flowers which are in bloom in our garden now. I don´t know the exact name of it.
I just love this kind of flower which is often used in kimono design for the month of May.


Saturday Kitsuke

Pedestrian area Munich by Haruyuri
Pedestrian area Munich, a photo by Haruyuri on Flickr.

Pedestrian area Munich by Haruyuri
So finally we found the time to travel to munich and have our "christmas dinner" ;-)

It´s been the christmas present of my boyfriend and me.

We´ve been dining at Kaito restaurant.

The food has been really delicious and the staff was so friendly and very obliging.

Afther the meal we had a walk through the city and pedestrian area of munich.

These pictures were shot at Marienplatz.



blue furisode

blue furisode by Haruyuri
blue furisode, a photo by Haruyuri on Flickr.

So i finally sold my first kimono on ebay. Normally I cannot part with one single kimono of my collection. I love them all in a special way. But my kimono closet is really crowded and I will sell some of the pieces which I´m not going to wear.



Sakura by Haruyuri
Sakura, a photo by Haruyuri on Flickr.

So. Mal ein liebes Hallo in die Runde!
Bin jetzt also auch endlich nach langem überlegen unter die Blogger gegangen. 
Überlege momentan noch, ob ich den Blog in Zukunft auf Deutsch oder Englisch weiter führe. 
Werde hier ein paar Einträge über meine Hobbys, etc machen. 
Freue mich auf Leser :-)
Das obige Bild entstand während unseres Hanami Picknick letzten Sonntag.